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The Neuropatholator Touch Silver program provides you with all the ROF greatness of the Bronze with some valuable additional ROF anatomy info PLUS 3 comprehensive lecture / daily visit modules:

1. The Spinal Health Orientation (SHO) was a popular flip chart poster system that has been used for 100s of thousands of lectures and daily discussion since 1987. It has been in our software since 2001.

2. There's a special module for educating young children and showing their parents.

3. The Work Safety helps you present to warehouse / factory type workers plus office workers.

Enjoy up to 60 unique Daily Visit Discussions that are fingertip accessible and customizable. You'll have hundreds of images, and animations just waiting to help you keep your patients engaged.

Or ... Take your show on the road and build your community awareness through screenings and lectures. All these presentation graphics can be seamlessly integrated with the Neuropatholator ROF to design a limitless number of talks and workshops. Even add your own images and videos.

Your audience receives an indelible experience that is is instant, dramatic and memorable all on your monitor.

Turn your Windows PC into a Neuropatholator and reap: realization, retention, referrals and revenue!!

Click here to see examples from the SHO program

* Upgrade to the Gold at anytime.

To see the screens in the Disc Module click here:

To see the screens in the Posture Module click here:

To see the screens in the Subluxation Module click here:

To see screens included in the Core Click here:

To see a video of the Dermatomes and Muscles included in the Core Click here:

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