Neuropatholator Touch Software


Neuropatholator STARTER Package includes:

Neuropatholator Nerves and Organs (ROF)

Patients are relieved to see that you understand their concern and that their complaints are finally confirmed. Add this to your computer and watch your referrals grow.

This software module functions identically to the legendary System 3 Neuropatholator Wall chart system in thousands of Chiropractor’s offices all around the world.

Activate a vertebral level by clicking on the mouse or touching the computer screen (touchscreen monitor required) and witness your patient’s eyes light up with instant comprehension.

That’s why Neuropatholator is said to deliver ‘Patient Inspiration at the Speed of Sight!’

Click Here to see a 3 minute video of the Starter in Action.

Click Here For a 10 minute video of all the module choices of the Neuropatholator Touch.

Neuropatholator CORE Package includes:

Neuropatholator Nerves and Organs (ROF – Starter), PLUS Muscles and Dermatomes, Pain Patterns (Conditions), 3D Spinal Zoom, and Four 3D videos of Spinal Anatomy.

This is like having a bank of 4 Neuropatholator Wall Charts (sold for $3,900 from 1988 until 2004 when the muscle and dermatome charts were discontinued). Whether on your table-side computer or a 32″ to 70″ TV, you will effortlessly add the muscle and dermatome layers to the nerves and organs to deliver astounding clear messages about the far reaching impact of the nervous system on real health.

Like adding a 5th chart that we could never make in the world of switches and lightbulbs, you will be able to demonstrate sensory patterns like tingling, burning, throbbing, and shooting pains and instantly relate them back to the spine.

Click Here For a 10 minute video of all the module choices of the Neuropatholator Touch.

Patients will send family and friends with greater confidence in your ability to demonstrate the power of Chiropractic.

Neuropatholator BRONZE / ROF Plus Package includes:

Neuropatholator CORE Package PLUS Disc, Subluxation, Posture, Cellular Performance Presentation, Neuropathy Presentation ,and KIOSK!

Added to the awesome 5 chart power of the CORE software, you now rapidly add posture concepts, disc problems with decompression discussions, and subluxation, fixation, muscle spasm and degeneration to you ROF or even your waiting room (in the Kiosk mode setting).

You know that a picture is worth a thousand words. These pictures interactively move and change to literally save you thousands of words every day while increasing your ratio of closing on the need for care. Your stats go up while your explanation times goes down. You will use this all day long.

Click Here For a 10 minute video of all the module choices of the Neuropatholator Touch.

See video examples of the modules in the BRONZE / ROF Plus package

(also includes Tytron and CLA integration)


Neuropatholator SILVER / Premium Package includes:

Neuropatholator BRONZE Package PLUS Recovery, Organs in depth, SHO, WorkSafety, HealthPatholator (for young children) and KIOSK!.

Sometimes there is more you need to discuss about Chiropractic, Recovery Time and Soft Tissue Healing, Dos and Don’ts, Rehab, Nerve and Posture Development, Causes of Subluxation, Articles supporting Chiropractic Care, Ergonomics, and Childhood Spinal Issues.

With many hundreds of graphics, animations and interactivity, you have enough content in the Silver package to fill out a 60 visit program on non-repetitive Chiropractic info. You’ll make dozens of unique and powerful talks and even put a touch screen in the waiting room so patients can ‘play’ with the Neuropatholator Kiosk.

This robust patient education and inspiration program will accomplish so much more than words, posters and pamphlets. It drills right into your patient’s memory – indelibly.

Click Here For a 10 minute video of all the module choices of the Neuropatholator Touch.

Get started now and reap the benefits and joy of ‘Visual Odyssey at the Speed of Sight.’

Neuropatholator GOLD Package includes:

Neuropatholator SILVER Package PLUS Whiplash and Webcam,

3D extremities: Shoulder, Elbow, Hip, Knee, Ankle, and KIOSK!

If you ever need to demonstrate Whiplash or discuss the extremity joints in 3D then stepping up to the Gold Package will pay for itself with the first patient.

Hundreds of screens, anatomy images, animations and interactivity will bring rapidly promote your practice and still save you $1,000 over the price of the Neuropatholator Wall Chart System 3 discontinued in 2004 or the ‘Blue Neuropatholator’ discontinued in 2011. Effectively as our programs have evolved since 2001 and TV’s and computers have gotten bigger and faster, the Neuropatholator Touch software simply killed off the wall charts.

Click Here For a 10 minute video of all the module choices of the Neuropatholator Touch.

Step into 2023 with a system designed to generate retention and referrals while saving you time.