Seeds of Greatness and Health

People ask me, “How do you do it?”

I remember when 30 seemed old,
then 40, then 50, then 60 – well, you get the idea.

So how do I play an energetic game of Ultimate Frisbee (like soccer) with teens and kids in their mid 20’s at my age of 67? 

The sad answer – Not as well as those 20 year olds do. 

But, I’m out there for 2 to 3 hours a few times each week. 

We get in 3 or 4 games running up and down a football field, and the good news is that I’m not always picked last.

The question, (when few of my peers are up to this kind of strenuous athletic activity) is – what am I doing differently? 

• First of all I picked my Dad’s genes. That was a good choice. He was very athletic, active and robust until 97.

• I also adopted healthy lifestyle choices in the 70’s and have continued. Chiropractic, yoga, non-meat exercise and I eat as organically as reasonable. 

• In the 80’s, I began drinking a shake of powdered greens on a daily basis. I believe this has helped a lot.

About 3 years ago, I was introduced to seed-based nutrition. It just made so much sense. All the secrets of life are there. It’s the most dense nutrition package you can imagine. The seed hulls make the nutrition less bio-available, but a special cold pressing process extracts the value while preserving its goodness.

I actually don’t use the powdered greens or my Vita-mix quite as much since I began downing a 2 ounce packet of Black Cumin Seed in special combination with Raspberry Seed, Chardonnay Grape Seed and D-Ribose in the morning. It is delicious and I definitely notice I miss it when I haven’t yet drunk mine. What has it done for me? … I have no idea. I’ve been taking it for over 3 years and I feel great.

Here are some of the things that this packet of Soul has been shown to do though:

• A 62% increase in the stimulation of anti-aging properties;
• Relieves minor muscle pain after exercise;
• More than 2.5x the average free radical reduction of all nutritional products tested at Brunswick Labs;
• Fights oxidation;
• Reduces Inflammation;
• Rich in the right Omega Compounds with out relying on fish oils;
• Bio-availability of phytonutrients.

It’s 2 ounces of Condensed Nutritional Power. GMO-free and naturally sourced. 

Want to see if it will become part of your daily routine towards wellness? Simply click here.

Because of my thousands of Happy Chiropractor clients around the world, I approached the company a month ago to see if I could bring this amazing seed-based nutritional product line to your practice. I also created special modules in our Neuropatholator Software to help you explain why they should be on these nutritional seed products. Click a vertebrae and witness the nerves and organs responding. Then you can go from organ to seed(s) that help support it. Listed under the seed info is which of the 5 formulas contain that seed.
(There’s an app coming soon so your patients can explore the C
hiropractic health approach AND seed-based health.)

Want to offer this to your family, friends or patients. These products help the brain and nerve system function better with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. What a perfect fit for a Chiropractic patient. Check the box on the form here and we’ll get you info on our wholesale pricing program.

Soul is made by a company called RAIN. 

This is a Nutritional Category unlike all the other shakes, pills, and tincture look-a-likes.

Rain has 5 other awesome nutritional seed-based products. 

  • A Detox 1 ounce packet called Core that has kale, wheat grass, aloe vera, dandelion, spirulina and more, mixed with black cumin seed and milk thistle. It contains 8-9 servings of veggies and fruits, helps blood flow, protects DNA from damage, helps absorption of Vitamins C and E, supports healthy liver function, helps maintain blood glucose levels already within a healthy range, supports mitochondrial function, and has powerful anti-inflammatory action. It’s packed with vitamins and minerals. All in a tasty 1 ounce packet.
  • Bend is a 1 ounce anti-aging and joint support packet. It also promotes healthy gene signaling with more powerful antioxidant properties. Boosts cartilage health. It contains: Vitamins B12, D, E, K and Niacin. Pumpkin Seed, Milled Flaxseed and Black Cumin Seed oil. Also there’s Glucosamine, Curcumin, Levegen™, Sodium Hyalurnate (fermented), and Bioperin (Piper Nigrum)
  • There’s a vegan protein powder called Form. A scoop provides 20 grams of plant-based and seed-based ingredients: sacha inchi (a complete protein used by the Incas), pea, pumpkin, chia and cranberry seeds.
  • For gut health there’s Pure. Pre and Pro-biotics that support healthy digestion by enhancing Gut Flora while reducing gastrointestinal inflammation. Each of these bacteria have been sourced from nature’s finest places, plants and processes with Watermelon, Flax and Pumpkin seeds
  • The new Soul Red is a tweak of the flagship product to enhance its ability to help with: Weight loss, enhanced heart health, more anti-aging properties and shorter recovery time.

Which best describes your Chiropractic practice:

  1. Maybe you offer many supplement choices in your practice.
    Seed-based nutrition is unlike any other category on your shelf. AND, the ease of taking it is simplicity itself which increases compliance.
  2. Maybe you only offer a few lines and follow the supplier’s prescribing recommendations (with or without a questionnaire.)
    These packets will complement your present program without conflict.
  3. Maybe you don’t offer supplements in your practice. 

Now’s the time to offer these food products that support the brain, nerve system, gut, and joint wellness. Consider the health benefit advantage your patients will receive. Offer them a whole new category that will make sense.

Nourish their bodies while you fine-tune their structure. Add income to your life.

Yours in health,

Bruce Goldsmith
Visual Odyssey President