3 Ways to Generate Referrals


Our Loyal One Trick Pony Rides Into The Sunset!

Yet, our three patient engaging, time-proven scripts work even better to

“Build Your Practice at the Speed of Sight!”

If DD could have just reached out and grabbed his patients by their eyeballs
he would have used our Neuropatholators and our Neuropatholator Touch Software.

all 4 NeuropatholatorsIt’s true that for some, ‘Old School is Cool.’ I get it. I made the push button charts from 1976 to 2011.
A great run to be sure. In thousands of Chiropractor offices (and over 30 countries) just one push of a button wows as it creates another new patient. 

Time marches on. This is 2016 and our always evolving and captivating software actually eclipsed that Neuropatholator Wall Chart long ago.
The Neuropatholator was a work of art and durability. Making such a ‘wonderful hand-made one trick pony’, demanded a large price tag per wall.
When merged with today’s amazing technology we have created a wonderful for your fingertip.

Instant, interactive patient education tools for Chiropractors stimulate a maximum number of referrals from your present patients
and referrals are the key to a robust practice.
The Neuropatholator Touch Software provides that key as it unlocks your treasure chest of Chiropractic value.

Creating an emotional connection and rapport is critical for your success.
Using our easy and simple, yet comprehensive animations,
provides the bridge between the logic of the Chiropractic paradigm and
your patient’s deep emotional acceptance.


“I use the Neuropatholator daily in my adjusting room, patients quickly “GET IT”, especially since I put it on a big screen.
The super “WOW” factor is it, explaining Chiropractic care is fun and straight forward.
Patients love it on the big screen, I say “Go BIG, it works beyond your expectations.
Even 100% better with the big screen.” 
~ Dr. Steve Sanderson

Now, these are exciting times and with either: 

A: 42” Screen + our Mini Neuropatholator Computer + Wireless Handheld Presenter’s Mouse + Neuropatholator Touch Software
B: 27” All-in-one Touchscreen Computer + Neuropatholator Touch Software

You will SAVE over $1,000 from the price of a wall chart Neuropatholator.

And our software, (regardless of which level you acquire), is only $197 for each additional room.

Visual Odyssey Patient Education at Your Fingertips and at the Speed of Sight.

Here are 3 quick scripts that we’ve found will naturally help you
generate an unlimited flow
of new patients.
These scripts work even better with the Neuropatholator Touch Software,
AND patients can be inspired on their own
or through interaction with a staff member just as easily as you taking the time for each encounter.

Three ways to generate referrals with the Neuropatholator Touch.

(Especially if it’s in the hall, reception area or adjusting room.)

1.  When your patient brings a spouse, etc., simply ask them,
“Mary, is this the type of pain you’ve been trying to describe to Joe?”
CLICK or TAP (if you have a touch screen) the appropriate vertebra and watch their eyes light up.

Often they will ask, “Why are the organs are flashing?”
“Mary, at each level of the spine just like the brain communicates with your skin and muscles, it communicates with your organs and glands.
Afterall, it’s the conductor and needs to hear and conduct. The nerve system connects everything to your brain.”

. . . .  (later) (especially if you’ve reviewed a Family Health History questionnaire)
“Joe, when you see us get results with Mary, will you give us a chance to look at your arm pain?”  Activate Joe’s level of complaint.
“I believe we can help you but will need to take a closer look at what’s going on with you.”
Voila, you have another patient.

BillWiedner2.  When your patient asks, “Can you help _(some condition)_ ?”
Take them over to the Neuropatholator Touch Software (that’s why it needs to be accessible) and ask,

“Do you mean a pain like this?”
That’s right, CLICK the vertebra.  
“We obviously need much more information like we did in your case,
but often we help people who have those complaints. 

Who do you know someone who is suffering like that?”

“Where do they live?  Maybe I know a DC in that city.”

“Well, since they are local, here’s one of my cards.
I’ll be happy to thoroughly examine them and see if I believe chiropractic might help in their situation.
If necessary I have relations with many other Doctors in our community and will provide them with some referrals.”

3.  When a non-patient visits the office with your patient,
“John, the reason we are adjusting Nancy is because she has a spinal problem here.” 
You know the routine – CLICK that vertebral button.  
“This is what it used to feel like, right Nancy?  And it’s a lot better now isn’t it?
Notice these organs are also flashing?  John, for the body to function properly all parts must communicate with the brain.
At the level responsible for Nancy’s complaint, these organs and glands could be involved, especially over time.
This is the reason it is so important to correct the cause – subluxation of the spine.
The next step is our program to help Nancy maintain the gains we’ve made.”


Quick Overview of Neuropatholator Touch Software Packages:

STARTER = Organs (ANS) and Spinal Nerves = Neuropatholator Wall Chart (and for only $397 one-time)
CORE = Starter + 3D Spinal ZOOM; Muscles; Dermatomes; Sensory Pain distribution related to the Spine; 4 – Quick 3D videos a staff person can easily show. (greater than all 4 Neuropatholator Wall Charts for only $597)
BRONZE = Core + Disc problems; Anatomy of a Subluxation with Causes, Phases of Care and Phases of Degeneration, and Postural Distortions as they relate to the Spine. (a thorough and fast ROF that’s powerful and sexy)

This enables you to provide rapid visual support when discussing what a subluxation is and how it impacts the spine if left uncorrected.
Plus, you’ll have support for the stages necessary for improving to their maximum recovery potential.
Fast animations show the dangers of a disc herniation and rupture and how every step chews away at that disc.
Share the damage of certain postural problems like ‘text neck’.

For DCs who use a full-spine digital X-Ray system with a monitor mounted vertically, we include a FREE vertical version of the Neuropatholator Touch as well.

The BRONZE Neuropatholator Touch is a terrific ROF program for only $797 and also only $197 for each additional computer in the same office. 

Now, it’s easy to put this in front of your patients and get them engaged in learning.
We all know that patients love to ‘push the buttons’ ‘tap the screen’
or use the mouse as you make it available in strategic locations for maximum interaction.
This is why it is so easy to get staff and patients involved in the education and practice building process.

SIlver JayThe Neuropatholator software program graphics are both ‘simple’ for patients to understand,
yet ‘detailed’ to fully compliment a doctor’s explanation on an array of conditions.

We have used the program during our second visits, as well as new patient orientations.

“With an increased understanding of their condition and how chiropractic can benefit them,
patients have adhered to their treatment plan—increasing compliance and thus PVA.
It has also helped increase referrals, as patients’ understanding of chiropractic has grown and spread to their family and friends.
The Neuropatholator program has helped our practice grow in many ways. I would highly recommend it.”
  ~ Dr. Mike Estramonte

Do you hear questions about what exercises to do, or “How did my back get this way?” or “What’s the best way to lift?”,
“How should I sit at my computer?”, or “How long will this take?” or
“My friend was in a car accident and she mentioned neck pain and whiplash.
Can you explain what you do for that?” or
“When I look at my husband, he doesn’t stand as straight as he used to.
What do you think might cause that?”

Our SILVER and GOLD programs do all that and much more. To learn about how the Neuropatholator Touch will be a huge asset for your practice click the links below.

Worth every penny!!!
Every chiropractor wants a patient who stays, pays, and refers.
The Neuropatholator Touch is a great patient education tool that will help accomplish that goal.
It provides you with a visit-to-visit curriculum to move your patient
from being just focused on their symptom to a
long-term chiropractic advocate.
It’s so easy to use that
I got a referral from a patient on the first day I used it!
For the first time, in a long time, patient education is fun again.”  
~ Dr. Matt Goldman

Thanks for your time. I promise and guarantee a tremendous return on your investment.

Call 800-541-4449 for a FREE personal DEMO so you can see it live and in action,
or order now and begin to reap the unlimited rewards that much sooner.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed for 90 Days, and with implementation of the Neuropatholator Touch Software, your practice will just keep on growing.

* For a free comparison chart that lists (with pricing) the different software modules that comprise
the Neuropatholator Touch Program and how that compares to the Neuropatholator Wall Chart,

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