Old Skool – Kool?

Chiropractic Patient Education

A DC calls me on the phone and said he was ‘Old Skool’ and loved the original 70’s style Neuropatholator     

But what was ironic was he talked to me on the latest smart phone.

He’s old school    but has already checked out what we offer now,

         because he Googled Neuropatholator on his computer.

He’s old school,

       with touch-screen EMRs,

       digital X-ray,

       electronic diagnostic tools and

       a pretty nice set of wheels.

Why do Chiros love the ‘Ol Skool’ Neuropatholators so much?

Answers I’ve heard:

       “They just work great educating instantly.”

       “They just work great year after year.”

       “They just look great on the wall.”

       “They paid for themselves hundreds of times.”

and also I hear …

       “But, man they were expensive.”

       “It was a big decision for me.”

       “Once I got it on the wall … I’m just not moving it.”

       “I’d love to have it in every room, but man they were pricey.”

The truly Cool (and smart) questions are:

       “Is the software experience just as powerful?”

       “Does it cost more than the Old Skool Neuropatholator?”

       “How do I get it that big?”

       “Can I turn my TV into a Neuropatholator that can work all day long?”

       “How do I use it without a touchscreen?”

       “Can I put it all over the office?”

       “Is there a version for my vertical, full-spine digital X-ray monitor?”

       “Can I take it out of the office?”

And then I hear,

      “You know, this is so much better. The flow of nerve energy – up, down or both ways is profoundly clear.”

      “Jumping instantly from nerve to muscle to dermatome is quick, simple and powerful.”

      “Showing animations of subluxation and degeneration truly drives the point home.”

      “Watching vertebrae move and trigger nerve and organ consequences is unforgettable.”

      “Wow, you mean I can even walk around the room and magically push those buttons.”

      “And I can load it onto my laptop for screenings and talks.”

      “The posture skeletons seem to dance.”

      “When I explain disc problems, they really get it.”

We have 16 years of  in-house software creation and development experience.

This insures you will enjoy all the value the Old Skool Neuropatholator has provided for 4 decades.

       AND yet Much, Much More.


Here’s how you can be saying those same things too.

This simple quiz demonstrates what you need and how much it costs.

Q.  Do you have a computer in that room already? Yes?

A.  Neuropatholator Starter Software is just like the Neuropatholator Sys 3 and only 397


Q.  Do you already have a TV without a computer in that room?

A.  Our Neuropatholator Mini Intel Computer and Wireless Presenter’s Mouse is only 247


Your Total: only 644


Q.  Do you need the TV?

A.  Size Matters – (walmart prices March 2017)

32” for $150

up to a 50” TV for $300 + wall bracket: 350


NP not so Kool NPCD Kooler

Total for your own 50” Neuropatholator from scratch. 994 ready to hang on your wall

And it can be controlled from anywhere in the room.

Now, Compare that to a 47” (diagonal) Neuropatholator System 3 for $2,200.

That’s right it’s half the price, or think 2 Rooms for the price of 1 … AND …


Chiropractic Patient Education
This is what it looks like on a 42″ TV using the Neuropatholator Air Mouse. Imagine it at 50″ like the $994 example above! If you already have the TV and computer, this Neuropatholator as you see it is only $397.


At any time you can add:

Muscles, Dermatomes, Sensory Conditions, Neuropathy,

3D Spinal Anatomy, Subluxation, Causes of Subluxation,

Degeneration, Herniation, Decompression,

Posture, Phases of Care, Energy Flow Interference,

Organ System Relations, Cellular Performance,

Development of the Spine, Development of Nerve System,

Spinal Development Interferences, Whiplash,

Daily Dangers, Symptoms vs. Cause, Pain is Like an Alarm,

Elementary Age Kids’ Back Care, Workplace Back Safety,

Nearly Unlimited Customizable Presentations,

20, 40, and 60 Visit Button Pallets,

Vertical version for full-spine X-ray monitors,

Integration with CLA SubStation,

Integration with Tytron,

Integration with Sigma Ultralign,

Overlay for ChiroTouch,

Overlay for Platinum,

and Kiosk Capabilities for Waiting Areas.

It can even instruct and invite people to interact with it.


Yes, I’m proud of how cool that 70’s technology was

and that it still works and looks great 4 decades later.

I’m also pleased to say that 17 years of relentless software development

has delivered a better experience at a much better price.


I’ll be happy to give you a personal no-obligation 15 minute demo computer to computer.

Want to know more Just call me at 800-541-4449.