Grab your patients by the eyeballs!

Since 1976, the Neuropatholator has ALWAYS made the life of a Chiropractor better. Whether it's the wall chart or the software, Neuropatholator is an amazing tool that generates referrals, retention and educates your valuable patients.

Join the thousands of DCs who know!

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6 Proven Ways
Neuropatholator Helps You!
44 years and thousands of Chiropractors
Prove that Visual Odyssey has
set the standard for constantly
evolving Speed of Sight™
Chiropractic Patient Education!
It’s FAST.
As a matter of fact,
it’s just as fast as the Neuropatholator Wall Chart.

It's responsive. When you click a vertebral level
(or tap a touchscreen).
The Nerves and Organs flash immediately.
Better than the wallchart, ... you also see animated nerve flow and pulsation.
You save time because in just 8-seconds to 1-minute per visit, your patient gains a crystal clear understanding of Chiropractic.
A Library of info.
A Chiropractic Encyclopedia at your fingertips.
With a computer, you will easily go many magnitudes of patient education info deeper with hundreds of additional topics, animations, videos and interactivity ALL about Chiropractic.
And all within 2 or 3 clicks of our super intuitive navigation system.
Reliable Retention
How do you create more follow-through?
Do you believe that a more knowledgeable patient refers and stays?
When a patient understands the health benefits of taking action they become loyal to Chiropractic, you and your practice. You see the value of loyal patients every day. Now join the Docs who've seen it increase their practice effortlessly.
Size Matters
Make it as large as your wall allows, or as portable as you desire. 
The Neuropatholator Software can be shown on a 70” TV, a 24" Touchscreen, a Laptop,  Tablet or Phone.
The Neuropatholator experience scales to fit the way you practice
and educate,
We have solutions for you and every type of
practice and office.
Location, Location, Location
Have it handy wherever you discuss Chiropractic.
Whether you use the Neuropatholator in your ROF room, adjusting room, the reception room or the hall, you’ll witness a growth in referrals and follow-through.
Modernize and SAVE!
Keep more of your money.
Today's technology has created huge savings for you. The Neuropatholator Software is a MUCH smaller investment than the traditional switches and light bulbs
of the wall chart. 
Visual Odyssey has been evolving this medium since 2001 to save you time and money.

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The Neuropatholator is
Patient-Proven Pleasure!
Try it today!

~ Dr. Ernie Landi 2018

“Bruce, This note is long over due. I've had your products since their inception (the 1970’s) & now have 5 of the wall chart systems Plus the software.  The Neuropatholator has helped me educate my patients over the years and increased my PVA's, not by 5-10 but by 50-60 more visits per patient, thus helping me maintain a high volume practice since the 70's.

I got great results, more than any other educational tool.

I also use your Neuropatholator Software on my adjusting computers all day long.

“Visual Odyssey has made my life so much easier.  Thank you for all your help over the years.
Keep the passion.” 

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Reality Check Time:
Does your current system
generate enough patients and visits?

Great --- the Neuropatholator Experience
will boost you to a whole new level.

Are you ready?
Just 1 click!

Witness Astounding Patient Inspiration.

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~ Dr. Dave Peavy

“If you are not using the awesome "aha moment" power that Neuropatholator software provides your patients, this is your chance. We have used Neuropatholators since 1982 and would not practice without them.

“The software version is packed with so much patient "Visual WOW!" you will be amazed how well patients see for themselves what you are trying to tell them.

Please do not deny them the Neuropatholator's powerful educational impact. It’s for your patients’ benefit, so they can see and place your Chiropractic care in the "Necessary Healthcare" category on their priority & budget list. 

“It is the single best investment in patient compliance you will ever make. It is a very valuable patient educating machine!  If you have the Neuropatholator, then you already know!”

~ Dr. Ed Fliss

"Visual Odyssey makes the only program I've used that has met the challenge of educating rapidly and memorably it and continues to allow our office to be very successful working 20 hours a week. Why does it work so effectively?

   "The Neuropatholator software takes advantage of how most people learn: it beautifully demonstrates with flashing “lights” on the computer how getting their spine fixed will improve the function of their organs and therefore improve the quality and possibly the quantity of their lives.

   "This is the “most important tool’ in my office after the telephone. I do not see how any chiropractor could be successful without it. How can patients learn what you do without “'Seeing' which is 'Believing'."

Art and Engineering!
Turn your wall or computer into a powerful New Patient Magnet!

Bruce Goldsmith
Inventor, Sculptor, Programmer and
Huge Chiropractic Advocate

What started as a challenge in 1976 ... has become a lifelong quest to combine art and engineering,
AND help you rapidly communicate to stimulate.

You'll get more patient referrals and
reap patient retention.
Neuropatholator System 3

It was a great run and
the best one-trick pony in Chiropractic.
It couldn't adjust your patients for you,
but it sure helped you get them on your table!
SHO Flip Chart

The customizable and portable SHO Chart enabled DCs to conduct memorable and meaningful talks and 
drive practice growth.

A holographic-like business card backer that animates Chiropractic principles for a great reminder of the benefits of your care!
Neuropatholator Software

The Entire Neuropatholator experience has gone digital.
Awesome patient inspiration fills your TV, your touchscreen or your patients' phones!

It's a Virtual, Virtual, Virtual World

Z=  O=  O=  O=  O=  M= ... your way
to new patients and compliance.

  • With so many people staying at home,
    Neuropatholator makes webinars easy.

  • You can do weekly patient Spinal Health Orientations in their
    home and make it effortless for your patients to attend.
    Try 2 different times every week.
  • Record them for FB and YouTube posts or Texts or emails.
  • Offer items or coupons to gain virtual attendance.
    Test them with a Survey at the end to reinforce the main topics and
    help them qualify for the coupon.

1. You get 44 years of Visual Odyssey experience in instant, dramatic patient education.

2. You get the same immense customer satisfaction that has been overwhelmingly demonstrated in over 30 countries!!!
Most of the software is now available in over 10 languages at the click of a setting.

3. You get lots of new patients with this nearly unlimited potential.

4. You enjoy patients who follow through because they understand that it’s the ‘naturally right’ thing to do.

5. You get a tool that continues to perform all day long.

6. Small monthly subscription amount recovered in less than a patient visit.

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