Bury Your Dead Paper Charts!

Chiropractic Patient EducationDo you want well educated patients who Realize what you have to offer, Refer their friends and family, Contribute to your Retention goals, and provide you with greater Revenues? Those 4 R’s will grow any Chiropractic practice when all are present.

Nearly every Chiropractor has them. “DEAD” paper or laminated nerve charts on their walls everywhere.

Look around your own office. How many do you have?

Success-oriented Chiropractors use the “LIVING” Neuropatholator charts  (made from 1976 until 2011)  or the Neuropatholator Touch Software  (constantly improving and evolving since 2001).  They know the Neuropatholator is the best because when they use it, they watch their patient’s eyes get big and bright with a refreshing spark of enthusiasm.


Chiropractic Patient Education

Remember, words (no matter how eloquent you might be) can’t bring “DEAD” charts back from the grave. It still takes interactivity to make those charts practically jump off the wall. “The Neuropatholators make the talk “come alive!” The “high tech” appearance and function of the Neuropatholator  whether it is on your computer, TV tablet or phone always causes a gleam in the viewer’s eye. If ever a picture were worth a million words, THIS IS IT!”

We hear testimonials like this all the time. Make your job easier with our effortless Neuropatholator Touch Software that naturally creates an indelible impression on your patient’s mind.

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