Rain Distributor from Paul Engemann

Distributor Training From Paul Engemann’s videos:

Compensation Plan explained in 3 minutes:
How to use the Rain App:
What do I say on the call:
Invite not answer questions – get them to watch a video
Objections (video times in parenthesis):
We get the objections we expect to get.
The manner in which we respond is crucial.
Objections means they are interested – DON’T be defensive.
It’s all about them – Find out what’s stopping them from getting what they want, so give them enough info to re-frame their erroneous belief about MLM.
(3:40) – It’s an opportunity
We see things as WE ARE. We measure things by our experiences.
Tactics / Concepts
Objections come from FEAR:
  1. Limiting beliefs about their own abilities
    1. I don’t have money (9:28)
    2. no time – use feel, felt, found – I know how you feel, I thought the same thing and then I found I can fit the business into the corners of my life
      1. technology makes simpler – Use the Rain app to send video texts and emails and you will be notified when the video is watched.
      2. (23:40) If time were not an issue, what things that you love, would you be doing which you can’t do now? Why can’t you do that (somebody is probably demanding their time) – you are right because that’s what most people’s day looks like – 8 hours sleeping / 8 hours working / 8 hours for everything else. What if I could show you how to use some of those corners of your time so you could actually buy back some of those 8 hours working? (what if you could do some of this while you are sleeping?) – If you can leverage the time of other people that can give you residual income. then you have freedom and choices. Can start very part-time.
    3. I don’t have personality – Some people have told me that, We’ve created an online funnel system that you can use to pre-qualify people before anyone speaks with them and we can help you with the phone calls so you will be mostly listening and learning.
    4. not a salesperson (25:53) best for people from all walks of life – this is not sales but teaching, actually sales skills may not be best unless modified.
      1. not convincing people – but simply looking for people who are looking for what we have.
      2. stop talking – ask for the close – on a scale of 1-10, 1 is not interested and 10 is let’s sign the application – where would you see yourself on this residual income possibility?
    5. I don’t know anyone (29:04)  – feel felt found – if you talk to anyone who is successful in mlm they usually say it only took a few people to blow it up. Contacts don’t need to be local because of technology – everyone has 250 possibilities.
    6. I’m too old / too young
    7. I have no experience (10:15)


  1. Limiting beliefs about network marketing
    1. I don’t lie MLMs (11:21)
      1. If they are emotional about it say – it sounds like you have a story, what happened,were you involved?) I promised myself Never again – feel felt found. Let me ask you a question, does it make sense to investigate every opportunity and their unique variables?
      2. if they say it matter of factly, (13:01) What is it about network marketing you don’t like? Probably a family relative. but to be 180 billion+ there must be a professional what. they just experienced a well meaning untrained person.
        1. you are building an international organization – why would you think your don’t need education? You have to learn the basics – a simple system.
    2. I don’t want to bother people
    3. Is this a pyramid scheme?(17:25)  What do you mean by that?
      1. pyramids are the most stable structure – how many CEOs
      2. more like an inverted pyramid because there can be many at the top
      3. he have to help others success unlike corporate structure
      4. when they succeed we make more (20:20)
        1. scheme
          1. product is the money – pay to participate
          2. paid to recruit
          3. position determines pay
          4. Promises big $$ for little effort
        2. Legitimate
          1. products that also sell out of network
          2. paid for product consumption
          3. you can outran your sponsor
          4. Requires real and consistent effort
        3. Saturation concerns – there are 50 and 30 year old companies with millions of distributors and you are not one of them or 6 billion people
    4. The top guy makes all the money (18:01) is he entitled to earn for his work
      1. position doesn’t determine pay
      2. activity and effort does (people under can make more money that’s fair)
    5. Nobody makes any money
    6. I’ll lose my friends
    7. (27:30) Too expensive – Compared to what because there’s price and there’s value
      1. I completely get where you are coming from and then I realized … (ex. I thought that about Soul and then I realized that it is like getting the value of 7-10 servings of fruits and vegetables – what would that cost? also 3-4 servings of fatty acids – what would that cost?) – I also feel better and visit the Dr less.
      2. How to get your product free – (28:30)
      3. that’s a lot to start the business – franchise fees are 20K to millions
        1. you can run an international business and break even next wee
In both cases (limited confidence or limited belief in mlm) use empathy:
I’m just like you story, or find another person who has a story.
(6:28) – Be authentic and real – Feel, Felt, Found
A. Listen carefully
     a. then ask what is it about ……… that ……?
B. Confirm – 8:20
     a. so what I’m hearing is ….
C. Validate without agreeing, but use
    a. feel, felt and found then
    b. here’s the good news
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