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Explore the many ways we make your
Chiropractic Life Easier
and More Rewarding
Inspire your patients to take action and stay engaged!
Visual Odyssey offers different ways for Doctors
who are part of Disc Centers of America to
educate their patients for retention and referrals:
1. The Neuropatholator Premium / Gold ROF and lecture Software provides overwhelming evidence with an encyclopedia of valuable information on where to resolve disc problems with the latest techniques in Disc Decompression.

This expanded version of the Neuropatholator package includes Nerves, Organs, Muscles, Dermatomes, 3D zoomable spine segments, Pain Patterns relating back to the spine, Subluxation, Degeneration, Disc Problems, and Postural Problems with special DCOA content, Lectures, Workplace Ergonomics, Whiplash and 3D Extremities.
A special Neuropatholator has been created by Visual Odyssey and Dr. Eric Kaplan specifically for Concierge Coaching Clients.

These capabilities and presentations help you easily give the most powerful ROF and followup visits, all designed to convert and create referrals.

You will find the Neuropatholator Touch software indispensable. This powerful tool will pay for themselves in the first month. After that – Why would you ever want to practice without them?
The DCOA:Premium / Gold Neuropatholator (3 devices) 
is only $59 per month or purchase and own it for $1797 (and $99 per year starting the second year for updates and maintenance.)


2. NEXT …

Be a celebrity!
Build your Brand as the Decompression /Neuropathy Expert in your town!

In collaboration with Dr. Kaplan, we have created a very special DCOA Neuropatholator mobile app.

This is a patient education tool that you will have all your patients download onto their iOS and Android phones.

** It includes your location with name, picture, website, hours, the DCOA explainer video and your practice info, and map to your office.

The DCOA App lets patients explore their complaints and your solution.

Full of testimonial videos and interactive anatomy graphics, it helps you dominate this space in your community and their minds.

Teach patients how to refer others by merely having them share the FREE app with them to learn about the Disc Centers of America Advantage.

These prospective patients will learn all about Decompression and Disc Centers of America on their phones and inside the ‘walled-garden’ of an app where there are no competitive ads distracting from your office.

Educate anywhere with the FREE-To-Patients DCOA Clinic Finder App for Apple and Android.

They can easily share the app with friends who have back problems.
There are 2 types of listings in the DCOA (and Neuropathy App) –

Your Choice - Basic and Enhanced Listing

To have a BASIC LISTING in the DCOA App which will show your name and phone under your city.
There is NO Setup fee and it is only $10 per month.

Below are 6 examples of the content in your DCOA App


They can easily share the app with friends who have back problems.

It's like having your personal one page website right in the App when they search your town.

It also includes a much more comprehensive anatomy section.
It is equivalent to the ROF + Subscription or the Bronze purchase (described under #1 - the ROF software.)

Normally, the price for creating the custom listing and unlocking the extra anatomy for you and your patients is $299 plus the monthly subscription of $39. Right now we are offering the set-up for FREE.

If you want an Enhanced Listing but no ROF / Lecture software (#1) or no Neuropatholator Web Enhancer (#3), then it is just $39 per month.

If you get either the Neuropatholator ROF Software or Web Enhancer then it is only $29 per month to have this awesome motivating tool on your patients phones with you front and center.

Below are 16 images from an
Enhanced Listing in the DCOA App.

You can use the App on an iPad or Android tablet for educating around the office and at screenings, plus you can have your patients download and use the app on their phones or tablets.

Even link to the app in your advertising so prospective patients can download it and receive weekly text-based push notifications. You can use QR codes on signs or ads to quickly drive people to the download link for the iOS or Android App store listing.

To preview this app or discuss the ROF software or Web Enhancer and how to participate in the app –

call Bruce Goldsmith Visual Odyssey – 800-541-4449.
For Your Patients.
Print out a copy of the QR codes below HERE


3. Educate them before they walk in the door …

The Neuropatholator DCOA Web Enhancer.

It's only $39 per month to have a personalized Neuropatholator Web Enhancer for your DCOA Website. It can also be used as a standalone Mini Website that is all about patient learning through interactive engagement.

… or
if you have also purchased
the DCOA:ROF Plus Neuropatholator package (listed above#1) or the DCOA Mobile Phone App (also listed above #2)
it is only  $29 per month.

These subscriptions include a Limited Time FREE set-up to create your custom content. (Value $300)

Below are screens from the computer and phone versions of the Neuropatholator Web Enhancer.

Visual Odyssey provides
Time and Doctor Proven Solutions Helping Chiropractic Practices Just Like Yours 
Flourish and Grow!
You Will Have
More Time and More Patients!
Engaged Patients Pay, Stay and Refer
Table Talks
Patients' Phones
Just fill out the form below to have and enjoy the practice of your dreams. 
Neuropatholator provides so many ways to build your practice through referrals and retention while saving your valuable time!
Stunning Interactive
ROF and Talks
Bullet-proof Compliance
Show and tell your story with Drama
Play with a sample Neuropatholator!
If you prefer - Please email visualodsy@aol.com or call Bruce at 770-646-8031.
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