Clicking the Subluxation button gives us the ability to show the impact of a subluxation on the cervical (or lumbar) spine and how it takes multiple stages of correction to deal with this condition.
Once the spine is demonstrating subluxations, clicking this same button progressively moves the ‘health meter’ from the left (loss of health) to the right (optimal improvement) in stages. As this happens, the spinal segment itself improves. During this process, a button will appear to the left of the ‘health meter’ which is the ‘missed appoinments’/’life’s stresses’ button. Clicking this moves the ‘health meter’ pointer back toward the left step by step as you explain the importance of maintaining the program of care and a positive, receptive, healing attitude.
NEW 3D images of the cervical spine.
3D image demonstrating a subluxation.
This is a screen that enables us to explain how disease & health is actually a relationship of our body’s resistance to our environment. When we click on our button that says raise resistance we actually see this protective halo growing around the triangle representing health. If we click the right arrow...
It gives us the ability to see the three different causes of disease and subluxations.
If we click on the chemical/biological triangle, it shows some of those voluntary and involuntary insults from our environment that can overwhelm our health, if our body’s resistance cannot defend itself.
Clicking on the physical button let’s us show how trauma, things that can happen to us in matters of seconds, can impact us potentially for the rest of our lives.
Clicking on the top triangle gives us the ability to demonstrate how emotions and stress can impact health.