Here are some scenes from the posture screen. This screen allows you to click on many different posture types. Watch as the bodies move or almost dance as they take on that shape.
The webcam feature lets you use a webcam with a simple posture module program and now you can give your presentation a personal touch.
When showing the head forward position as a posture of the lateral view, a button pops up that says “zoom.” When clicking on that, it takes you to a screen where you can demonstrate the importance of the cervical curve.
You can demonstrate a banana straightening out, so people can see the damage to the tissue inside of the neck when chronically straightened out.
Then you can show a cross section of the neck and take it from a curved position to a forward head position. Here you show how this translation of center of gravity is forward of the shoulder which therefore continues to pull down and straighten out the neck even more.
In addition, we can show the stress, pinching and stretching of the upper part of the spinal cord.