Then we show a side view of the disc and the compression putting pressure on the spinal nerve. Now we have a number of options.
The first option we can click on is surgery.
This animation demonstrates how well surgery may help with the initial symptom complaint, but it also has the additional problem of locking up that specific joint and forcing an excess range of motion in the areas above and below, this causes additional wear and tear of the spine. It’s one of the explanations for why back surgery can often fail, because the problem will travel to another area of the spine.
Another option is to not do anything and let the area degenerate. We then show the degenerative changes to the bones as well as to the disc.
Click to let it degenerate further and you’ll see the atrophied nerve, compressed disc, and the ruptured nucleus. Of course the thing that makes the most sense is to actually utilize chiropractic for the purpose of decompressing the disc, and if appropriate, other modalities like a decompression table to help restore the health to that disc area.