Neuropatholator Touch - Gold

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The Neuropatholator Touch Gold program adds a few powerful capabilities to the Silver:

1. A comprehensive section on Whiplash that includes both patient oriented demonstrations and Medical / Legal (court worthy) presentations

2. The ability to capture images of a person's posture (with a web cam) and overlay a grid of movable plumb-lines.

3. Extremity joints rendered in rotatable 3D for discussion purposes.

The powerful potential of these program add-ons will return your upgrade investment on the first ROF.

Deliver an engaging, unforgettable and vivid experience that is instant, dramatic and memorable.

Click here to see examples from the SHO program

To see the screens in the Disc Module click here:

To see the screens in the Posture Module click here:

To see the screens in the Subluxation Module click here:

* Upgrade to the Silver or Gold at anytime.

To see screens included in the Core Click here:

To see a video of the Dermatomes and Muscles included in the Core Click here:

Turn your Windows PC into a Neuropatholator and reap: realization, retention, referrals and revenue!!

Add our Computer / Mouse Hardware Package that turns your TV into a Neuropatholator for only $247 - See Hardware Packages!

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