16 May 2017

Dr. Charles G. Pray

“The Neuropatholator and Sho Patholator CD are the best patient education tools I have seen in chiropractic. I have tried everything including your original Neuropatholator and then the Mini-3 unit. But this new CD blows them away and is a huge leap forward in informational access. I can now move from one message to hundreds of messages with clarity and graphics. I have the visual answer to practically any question a patient asks or point that I want to stress. I use it all day long. Topics include subluxation and causes, detailed anatomical models, bulging disc, range of motion, actual anatomical neurological pathways, spinal decay, symptoms, nerves to muscles and organs, multiple postural models, nerve tracing, healing, and on and on and on. All this within the touch of a finger tip on a touch screen monitor and in Spanish too.

I put one in every adjustment room and one in the reception room and patients are fascinated with it. It has made all my educational posters obsolete as it covers all my poster concepts and more. When I’m not using the device, a chiropractic movie is playing captivating the audience. Practice results are better educated patients which means higher retention with more referrals with less missed visits. When they see the big idea you will see more people who are willing to pay more for your unique services for they understand its value. It’s high tech, state of the art, cutting edge education which has enabled me to further my goal of helping more people regain their health through chiropractic.”