Patient Inspiring Software
by Visual Odyssey
Neuropatholator Touch - Starter
19 / month
The Neuropatholator Touch Starter Screen replaces the 35 year hit wonder the Neuropatholator System 3 (1976-2011).
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Neuropatholator Touch - ROF
29 / month
The Neuropatholator Touch Core comprises 15 Screens. To the Starter we ADD the: Muscles, Dermatomes, Sensory Symptoms (like throbbing, shooting, numbness, etc.), and 3D rotatable images of the spine and nervesSubluxation / Phases of Care / Degeneration / Posture / Disc Problems (Decompression).
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Neuropatholator Touch - ROF Plus
39 / month

The Neuropatholator Touch ROF package is for a more in depth discussion of important Report of Finding issues, such as: Subluxation / Phases of Care / Degeneration / Posture / Disc Problems. Plus Neuropathy, Cellular Performance, And 3 daily visit discussions.
• PLUS 2 computers in one office.
• PLUS a Partially Enhanced Listing in the HealthAligner Mobile Phone App.

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Neuropatholator Touch - Premium
59 / month

The Neuropatholator Touch Premium Program provides you with all the ROF greatness of the ROF anatomy info
• PLUS 3 comprehensive lecture / daily visit modules,
• PLUS the right to have it on 3 Computers,
• PLUS an amazing personalized Enhanced listing in the HealthAligner app with special anatomy content for your patients.

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