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The Neuropatholator Touch Core comprises 15 Screens. To the Starter we ADD the: Muscles, Dermatomes, Sensory Symptoms (like throbbing, shooting, numbness, etc.), and 3D rotatable images of the spine and nerves and short 3D movies of spinal anatomy.

Activating a spinal level shows nerve innervation to the organs, peripheral nerve pathways, muscles and dermatomes to correlate and emphasize the immediate conditions and long-term possible consequences. With a mouse or touchscreen monitor, the experience is instant, dramatic and memorable.

Turn your Windows PC into a Neuropatholator and reap: realization, retention, referrals and revenue!!

To see screens included in the Core Click here:

To see a video of the Dermatomes and Muscles included in the Core Click here:

* Upgrade to the Bronze, Silver or Gold at anytime.

Add our Computer / Mouse Hardware Package that turns your TV into a Neuropatholator for only $247 - See Hardware Packages!

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