A large screen Neuropatholator you can put in your pocket!

Chiropractic Patient Education

Here is a special report on creating a patient inspiring referral experience in your office every day,
plus a computer that is like a big usb memory stick and a ‘magical’ wireless mouse that is as easy as pointing.
You can now put a REAL Neuropatholator on as big a computer screen or TV as you desire.
And for a small one time investment of as little as $397.

That’s right. If you have a computer and a large TV or monitor,
you can turn it into an amazing patient motivator
just like the $2,500 Neuropatholator Wall Chart and for only $397.

With a $30 wireless “presenter’s mouse” you can walk all around the room and
activate each vertebral level while you instantly demonstrate the consequences of a subluxation.
This little device will save you hundreds of dollars over the cost of a big touch screen.

Chiropractic Patient Education

Already have a large TV but no computer hooked up to it?
An ‘Intel Compute Stick’ with HDMI video is a complete computer
that sits behind your TV not visible from the front or requiring any table surface.
We will install the Neuropatholator Starter software (shown above) and ship the mouse + computer for only $644 (plus shipping).

Owning a Neuropatholator was never so affordable or portable.
You can literally carry it in your pocket and plug it into a 37”, 42”, 55”, 70”
or whatever size TV you want (as long as it has an HDMI port).

So what are you waiting for?
Even if you already have a Neuropatholator Wall Chart or Neuropatholator Software in your ROF,
you can now put Neuropatholators in all your adjusting rooms, hallways and waiting room.
Going to give a lecture somewhere where they have a large flat screen TV?
Put the ‘Compute Stick’ and mouse in your pocket and
go give an awesome new patient generating lecture!

Buy the Neuropatholator Starter Software Here!

Buy the Neuropatholator Computer Hardware here!

Chiropractic Patient Education

Many other Modules (with hundreds of graphics and animations) are also available for your computer, or we can pre-install whatever Neuropatholator Software you order, on the $247 Neuropatholator Computer Package shown above:

Chiropractic Patient Education Chiropractic Patient Education
Chiropractic Patient Education
Chiropractic Patient Education

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