The ROF Plus Neuropatholator Package
The ROF Neuropatholator is
amazing at patient conversion.
Upgrading to
The ROF Plus adds:
Cellular Performance and
Visits 2 and 3 to the
Starter + ROF
• • •
Also, you get a license
for a 2nd computer

A detailed listing in the
HealthAligner Mobile App for your patients to download for free!

Add powerful presentations, a 2nd computer and a detailed listing in the Mobile app, all for only $10 more per month.
This is a great way to inspire your patients!
Add the SHO Lecture

This package is an amazing addition to
your Neuropatholator Starter + ROF.

1.  Neuropathy.

2. Cellular Performance

3.  Visit 2 and Visit 3. Just 3 minutes each create more knowledgeable and loyal patients

4.  The Visual Odyssey Chiropractic App will have a Detailed Listing for you, your practice, map, hours, staff and bios, and any other content from your website that will make this App experience personalized for your practice.

5.  You will be able to load the Neuropatholator Software on 1 additional computer in your office!

All this for only an additional $10 per month you will cover so many critical topics that you probably discuss now:

Share the App with patients and people you meet at the tap of a button.


Four plus decades of Chiropractic Patient Inspiration Power curated into a package that pays for itself on the first visit every month.

Neuropatholator helps you rapidly and easily create the kind of patients who stay, pay and refer!

A Short Silent video of the graphics and animations in the Spinal Health Orientation Module (SHO).

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