The Amazing Premium Neuropatholator Package
Turn the
ROF Plus into the
• • •
Into a Patient Lecture
and Daily Visit BEAST!
Plus 2 extra computers!
Plus the Full Patient App!
Add tons of Patient Converting topics with Hundreds of Powerful Lecture and Daily TIC discussions for only $20 more per month.
And I want my Fully Enhanced Listing in the App plus the Robust ROF Anatomy Menu
Add the SHO Lecture

This package is an amazing addition to
your Neuropatholator Starter + ROF.

1.  The SHO Module gives you hundreds of great animations and graphs so you can thread together many powerful Health Talks. Remember, you can deliver them in a webinar so people can attend from home.

•  Definitions of Health
•  Development of the Spine

•  Development of the Nerves
•  Baby Back Safety

•  Disc Problems
•  Healing Timeline
•  Energy Flow
•  Do's and Don'ts
•  At Home Exercises

•  And much more

2.  You also get the Workplace Safety which covers manual labor and computer workstation info, particularly relevant now that so many are using their kitchen tables.

3.  There's also the HealthPatholator which is designed for communication with young children and their parents

4.  The Visual Odyssey Chiropractic App will have a Fully Enhanced Listing for you, your practice, map, hours, staff and bios, and any other content from your website that will make this App experience personalized for your practice.

5.  This also unlocks the robust Anatomy Menu of the Phone App so your patient can further explore much of the same content found in your Professional Neuropatholator Software.

6.  You will be able to load the Neuropatholator Software on 2 additional computers in your office!

All this for only an additional $20 per month you will cover so many critical topics that you probably discuss now:

Imagine that any one of the above topics discussed with just one patient each month will return many times your $20 monthly investment in this ROF Module.

•  You will also get a Fully Enhanced Listing in the Patient Phone App that will show a personalized 1 page website in the App Directory. And the Robust Anatomy Menu.

Share the App with patients and people you meet at the tap of a button.


This Neuropatholator package gives you hundreds of Chiropractic topics rolled up into an amazing Neuropatholator System. On top of that you can use it on 4 computers in the office.

And if that weren't enough, you can send your patients home with these 'virtual animated pamphlets' right on their phones. And there is a directory page fully BRANDED to YOU.

Four plus decades of Chiropractic Patient Inspiration Power curated into a package that pays for itself on the first visit every month.

Neuropatholator helps you rapidly and easily create the kind of patients who stay, pay and refer!

A Short Silent video of the graphics and animations in the Spinal Health Orientation Module (SHO).

Put it on your ROF computer and computers in you adjusting area!

30 Seconds per visit.

Even get your Staff involved!

  • Keep the discussion going,
  • 60 unique visit discussions,
  • Engage at every visit,
  • Keep it fresh, and
  • All in less Time!
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