You will LOVE your Neuropatholator!
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You can turn Your
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"Full Out ROF Machine!"
I'll add the Powerful ROF module  and presentations to the Neuropatholator Starter for only
$10 per month.
Awesome and Powerful ROF

Dr. Steven Battaglino tells us why he loves the Neuropatholator.

Add the ROF Module

This package is an amazing addition to
your Neuropatholator Starter.

The Starter gives you a Chiropractic Overview, A Subluxation discussion, The famous Spine to Nerves and Organs Neuropatholator, and the Sensory Conditions correlator.

Now, for only an additional $20 per month you will cover so many critical topics that you probably discuss now:

•  Correction vs. Degeneration
•  Postural Distortions

•  Muscles
•  Dermatomes

•  Disc Problems
•  Healing Timeline
•  Energy Flow

Imagine that any one of the above topics discussed with just one patient each month will return many times your $20 monthly investment in this ROF Module.

•  You will also get a listing in the Patient Phone App that will show your address and phone and website.


This Neuropatholator package gives you so many Chiropractic ROF topics rolled up into an amazing Neuropatholator System.

Four plus decades of Chiropractic Patient Inspiration Power curated into a package that pays for itself on the first visit every month.

Neuropatholator helps you rapidly and easily create the kind of patients who stay, pay and refer!

Dr. Jeffrey Kaplan will tear down his wall charts.

A short silent video of some of the screens in the Starter + ROF

Deliver your most powerful ROF


  • More Referrals
  • Greater Retention
  • All in less Time!
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