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Sample Press Release:

Wellness Embassy CEO, Tariq Faridi (Founder of Wellness America) is announcing . . . .

Bruce Goldsmith, President and founder of Visual Odyssey, the longest standing Interactive Patient Education Provider to the Chiropractic Profession, and creator of the Neuropatholator Wall Chart and PC Based Patient Education Portal The Neuropatholator Touch, has gone public with a one-of-a-kind Patient Education Web Based Portal. The Wellness Embassy My NutriCAM.

This  portal combines The Neuropatholator Touch with the immense CAM content provided by Tariq Faridi. This is the most current research supporting the Wellness Embassy protocols, into patient friendly web based modules.  Current Social media marketing tools are added to develop a daily flow of new patients to the Wellness Embassy Exclusive Licensees,  and enhance practice revenues to new levels. The My NutriCAM is designed to provide the ultimate Market Dominance to each Wellness Embassy Licensee, by providing each Licensee “Wellness Embassy Assisted” relationships with Church Pastors, Corporate Wellness Coaches and School Teachers, to offer Church Based, School Based and Work Based Wellness Programs to the Community. While open to any Healthcare Professional, the focus of the program is this three Pronged Community Based Wellness Education.

Some City in the US (PRWEB) January , 2010 – Wellness America’s strategies  for reaching communities through Churches, Schools and Worksites, is a hands on On Site  community Lectures and Webinars.   presentation,  has transformed  lives by providing presentation materials for presenting on site and web based Nutrtion, Stress Reduction, Weight Management, Smoking Cessation Programs, using a unique Health Risk Screening and Assessment Program which provides a visually appealing and scientifically convincing assessment of the participants health, with recommendations for lifestyle change to improve ones health without drugs and surgery, whenever possible. Drugs and Surgeries are the last resort options.  Wellness Embassy is using Wellness America’s VIRAL MARKETING though Health Care Passion Social Media Promotions Through School Teachers, Pastors, and Worksite Wellness Coaches to teach innovative, proven Lifestyle Change Programs through the Wellness Embassy Certified Ambassadors.

Goldsmith says, “I’m focusing on the same Patient Education I have provided for 40 years through the Wall Chart and the Neuropatholator Software, now through on site Lifestyle Assessments, available as a Web Based Screening Tool, with UNIQUE questions which will provide screenings to determine the causes of the risks pinpointed through the HRA and then custom designing Lifestyle Modification Wellness Programs to deal with the issues without drugs and  surgery.”

Faridi said, “My current efforts are on what we CALL TOTAL ADI DOMINANCE – ADIs or Areas Of Dominant Influence is what Pharma using to launch New Drugs, and we are following the same Model to Market Nutraceuticals and the BEST PILL – Lifestyle Change, to give Pharma it’s run for the money. Ours will be the same grass roots effort which created the Wellness America visitors, before Twitter and Facebook. Now with these tools of Social Media, our CONSULTANT clients will be able to offer their Chiropractic Clients the Edge they need to Position Themselves as their Community’s Wellness Leader.”

This is a unique Seven Step Turnkey Guerrilla Marketing System, from HRAs for PROSPECTING   for new patients to PERSONAL VIRALING (step seven) to use Patients and Health Advocates to touch the lives of their friends at church work and school, relatives, and coworkers with Lifestyle changes to live healthier and happier lives. “This three pronged approach is how Wellness America (in the late 90’s and early 2000’s) created blogs through on and off site grass roots Health Education Campaigns, targeting 9 drugs, and through those 9 drugs, presented a natural solution to these drugs, using Patients who were victims of the devastating harms of these drugs, as activists to take information to their “Social Network” through avenues that did not include Facebook or Twitter, and now the social networking puts the Former Wellness America Campaign on STEROIDS.

The Exclusive Wellness Embassy Licensees will receive Personal On Site Assistance from Wellness Embassy Coaches who are trained in Setting up School, Church and Worksite Wellness Program Alliances using WELCOA materials.
The Exclusive Wellness Embassy Licensees are given a Weekend Seminar on how to use the Seven Step Ambassador Certification Training (Spouses and CAs  must attend) which includes HRA Screenings, Health Fairs, School Church Work Wellness Programs, and all the Marketing Collateral  Materials required to operate as a certified Wellness Ambassador. The Exclusive Wellness Embassy Licensees  essentially get a first-hand Guerrilla Marketing SWAT Team Certification (Seven Wellness America Tactics Team Leader).

“Those participating in the The Exclusive Wellness Embassy Licensee Seven Wellness America Tactics are guaranteed to have  an arsenal of SWAT weapons in their possession:

PROSPECTING – School, Church, Work WE-CAM Generated HRA Screening Alliances that provide a tool for

PREQUALIFYING – Patients who were Screened and the HRA becomes the tool for

PRESENTING –  a Wellness Plan based on the HRA with education provided by the My NutriCAM and Ten Wellness Embassy Proprietary tools for

PERSUADING –  respondents to the HRA into the beneficiary by

PRODUCING –  a customized PRODUCT which is produced by Wellness Embassy for

PROFITING – from Nutraceuticals, HRAs with ten tools a which patients use for

PROMOTING –  Health and Well Wellness to their Social Network and become Wellness Ambassadors

If accepted as The Exclusive Wellness Embassy Licensees Healthcare  professionals who apply the SWAT Team training will become  recipients of  an ongoing flow of new patients. This will translate into an avalanche of new business, from the Three Pronged HRA based prospecting system and a significant increase in income.

With the Exclusive Wellness Embassy SWAT Team Weapons you can become the wellness leader and help communities win the war against Drugs and Surgery, and using social media in our three pronged marketing Strategy. To see if you qualify, to become VO’s Ambassador for health and Wellness as The Exclusive Wellness Embassy Licensees, click on the “Pre-Qualification” link and submit your application.