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At Wellness Embassy, a combined Initiative of Visual Odyssey and Wellness America, we have a strong history of leadership in the Patient Centered Health and Wellness patient Driven Grassroots self-care Movement. Our two founders, Bruce Goldsmith of Visual Odyssey and Tariq Faridi of Wellness America, have been in the forefront of Creating Patient Friendly Visual Hardware and Software. Together the two founders have developed for their respective companies, and offered early detection, prevention and non pharmacological Physical Medicine and Nutraceutial programs for a Physician Supervised wellness program. They have considered – for 4 decades, starting in 1976, in their respective companies, patients as the most valuable stakeholder, and considered patients to be masters and champions of their own health, and offer their Care Providers as their Coaches, be it MDs DCs PTs or any healthcare provided.

As founder and CEO of Wellness America, Tariq Created the world’s largest, peer reviewed refereed Journal Publishes Library of Patient Summaries of RCTs and Reviews of Systematic Reviews. As the designated Editor in Chief and Chief Executive and Wellness Officer, he navigated the company into the world’s largest visited Health and Wellness Website, with a Unique Visitor base, between 1998 and 2002, of over 78 Million Information hungry consumers. This was accomplished, before the Advent of Youtube, Facebook, Myspace and Linkedin, all through Consumer based Chat rooms of victims of Pharmacological Care.

Tariq has established Integrative Health Minded Physician Supervised Wellness Institutes, responsible for implementing wide-reaching wellness programs that aggressively advocate healthy living and remove possible barriers to this end.

As one of the world’s most respected and visited health and wellness library. Today, Bruce Goldsmith, has converted that Content into Mobile Optimized app and at this writing, is creating a Replicating site System for Non Pharmacological Physical Medicine Providers, to offer their Patients Outcome Measurement Based Self Education Programs to understand and increased compliance of and benefit from, the Arsenal of Weapons we are assembling Stakeholder, healthcare providers who offer the Cloud Based Outcomes Management and Patient Drive Self care tools, so that Patients will become Champions of their health, and our Licensed Healthcare Provider Partners, the Coaches of these Champions.

Our Therapeutic Outcome Measurement partners offer the monitoring tools, our rehabilitation partners, the seven Step Rehabilitation Circuits and CBSI, a Visual Odyssey and Wellness America Joint Venture and Strategic Program Collaboration and Patient Education Software, that this newly forged three fold cord, will serve as the Nation’s Leader for making Patients Champions and Providers coaches.

Our programs will equip our licensed healthcare providers, to see first hand the consequences of certain preventable conditions and their effects on the healthcare system. The Wellness Embassy Institute is dedicated to helping our provider’s patients, our community members, and our employees at the worksite, achieve optimal well-being and a high quality of life. This is made possible by combining these three proven and tested world class Non Pharmacological medical care and Therapeutic Outcomes base program of care, to help patients achieve optimum health without harmful drugs and invasive surgical procedures. However, we do understand, the necessity of Critical Life Saving Pharmaceutical and Surgical Care, and stand side by side providers of such care at our licensee sites, and offer support for pre and post op surgical care, and pharmacological care, when necessary.