Good news for you
and your patients.
Everyone is on their phones and now you will be on their phones too!

The HealthAligner App is fun to use. The Referral and Retention Generating Interactive Neuropatholator Animations have been brought front and center so your patients will enjoy exploring their concerns and learning about your solutions.

The content is easy to access and easy to share (for you, your staff and your patient), 

There’s tons of great content as well, like Anatomy (Neuropatholator®) and nutrition. 

The Home page of the HealthAligner App. Here is your presence on your patient’s phone and in their thoughts.

This is the Free Version of the Anatomy Menu included with your Free Listing (Name & Town)

This is an example of an Enhanced Listing which also includes hours, staff bios, and unique info about your office.

When you own an Enhanced Listing this is what the Comprehensive Anatomy Menu covers.

YOUR HealthAligner Mobile App


  1. The printable QR code is the Fast Access way for you to get on your patient’s phone. We provide you a small poster to print for your office.
  2. Have your staff discuss a different portion of the app with your patients daily.
  3. When talking to patients away from your computers, use your phone to teach from the same graphics they can also use at home for free.
  4. Ask about family & friends, then demonstrate appropriate and relevant screens in the app.
  5. Have your staff show them how to “share the app” with others.
How to be listed in the HealthAligner App

Chiropractor, Therapist, Trainer or Rain Distributor

  • Free Listing - name & town
  • Basic Listing - name, town, street and phone (link to your Website) $97 per year.
  • Partially Enhanced - Basic + map, website, pictures, bios, - like your website. Basic Anatomy Menu for you and your patients. First year $197 then $97 per year.
  • Fully Enhanced - Basic + map, website, pictures, bios, AND the Comprehensive Anatomy Menu for you and your patients. First year $397 then $197 per year. (Discount for Neuropatholator Ownership)

Everywhere you look … eyeballs are on phones!

 1. By 2018, American adults spend an average 3 hours on non-voice mobile media. (eMarketer) - Imagine what it is today.

2. Over 80% of internet users own a smartphone. (Smart Insights)

This number is only going to keep increasing -- which is good news for companies with a mobile marketing strategy. 

3. Users spend on average 69% of their media time on smartphones. (comScore) When you align with the patient’s behavior you get more eyeball time and more compliance.
So many people are consuming media via smartphones, you need to make sure you are there.

4. Apps account for 89% of mobile media time, with the other 11% spent on websites. (Smart Insights)

Consumers want to consume media through an app and your HealthAligner app provides a great experience for your patients and their circle of influence. 

It pays to get your Health Message: 

  • On your patient’s phone, 
  • In your patient’s pocket and 
  • Under your patient’s thumb.
Why be in the HealthAligner App?
  1. Prominent Location Finder 
  2. Custom Personalized
  3. Premium Branding
  4. Thumb Friendly
  5. Mobile Friendly
  6. Great Health Content
  7. Proprietary Neuropatholator Content
  8. Engaging
  9. It’s a 21st Century Business Card they’ll carry everywhere
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