2 Great Ways to
Get Your
Out of the Office!!
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1.  A Mobile App you have your patients download onto their phones for FREE!
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2.  AND A Powerful, Patient Inspiring,
Interactive Neuropatholator Experience
that can be easily added to Your website!!
This is a screenshot of how the HealthAligner Neuropatholator will look when it is on your website.
It can even be used as a Mini Standalone Website.
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Choose to learn more about the HealthAligner Phone App
or the HealthAligner Web Enhancer.
Good news for you
and your patients.
 People are on their phones and computers all day long.
Now you will be there too with
a compelling and inspiring exploration of what
makes the Chiropractic approach to Health so unique.

The HealthAligner App and Web Enhancer are fun to use. The Referral and Retention Generating Interactive Neuropatholator Animations have been brought front and center so your patients will enjoy exploring their concerns and learning about your solutions.

The content is easy to access and easy to share by you, your staff and your patient. 

There’s tons of great content as well, like Anatomy (Neuropatholator®) and nutrition. 

This App and Website Enhancer 
Put More Patients
On Your Tables!
Secure Your Location Today!

Get Found - Get Shared
Get Referrals - Get Retention
Get Revenue

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