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The animations in the Visual Odyssey program are excellent. We find patients are delighted and fully engaged with the presentation. The biggest challenge is having them attend a workshop, but those who do understand their chiropractic treatment and commit more fully to care.
Les Davidson


Look how easily you can use instant interactivity to create a strong bond with your patient.

Witness how rapidly your patient comprehends the spinal cause.
First, let them select the check box that describes their sensory condition.
Now, your patient is an involved participant in their care.
Next, have them show you where on their body they feel it.
Also NOW, they can more easily explain what's wrong to others.
Dr Estramonte has been using the Neuropatholator Software since 2007 and now has it on over 40 computers in his clinics.
   “The Neuropatholator software program graphics are both “simple” for patients to understand, yet “detailed” to fully compliment a doctor’s explanation on an array of conditions.
   "We have used the program during our second visits, as well as new patient orientations.
  " With an increased understanding of their condition and how chiropractic can benefit them, patients have adhered to their treatment plan—increasing compliance and thus PVA. It has also helped increase referrals, as patients’ understanding of chiropractic has grown and spread to their family and friends. The Neuropatholator program has helped our practice grow in many ways. I would highly recommend it.”
~ Dr Mike Estramonte

Join thousands of DCs around the world and
"Inspire Your Patients at the Speed of Sight!"
Stay with the FREE Version or Upgrade.
You will enjoy Enhanced Rapport, More Referrals, and Greater Retention!

I WANT TO USE THE FREE Neuropatholator

This quick presentation is included in the FREE version of the Neuropatholator 

Download the Windows Version Here!
    When you use it, either you or your staff can reveal a compelling story about searching for the real cause and how a hundred plus years old, proven method accesses their body's  brain and nerve system to 'reset' the connections. It takes less than 2 minutes to enlighten them.

      A great and quick explanation wherever it best suits your practice: At the consult, During the exam, the ROF (duh!), Next to the adjusting table, or As a focal point in your Health Talk. It's fresh and easy.
     With simplicity, your office will deliver a powerful and memorable message that will be easily retold when they leave your practice.

This obviously brings in more people for you to help. 


This Spinal Nerve Neuropatholator Wall Chart sold for $897 as a standalone chart.

Bruce Goldsmith - Founder of Visual Odyssey

People ask me,
"Why in the world would you ever do this?"

I know it seems crazy. For over 43 years, I have sold the Neuropatholator as a "buy once and you own it forever" business model.
And now ... I want to give it away?
Afterall, what you receive for FREE will SHOW your patients that you know what they are feeling, and how that could not only have a spinal cause, but you have a unique tool-set to address the problem. With the built-in presentation you can move them from symptom to health performance.

I'm willing to do this because it's important to engage as many prospective Chiropractic patients as we can. I even want students to have access to the Neuropatholator.

I'm also betting that you'll find this so easy to use, that you'll want to show even more. With just a click or a tap, a discussion of the Autonomic Influence on Health, or maybe Postural  Distortions or the Subluxation is right at your fingertips. It's like having your most important posters come to life for a ridiculously low monthly subscription.

Here's what you get for FREE!

Conditions Screen
ROF & Screening  Tool

    1.  Better than the Spinal and Cranial Nerve Neuropatholator Wall Chart. ($897)
    2.  Accurately shows them what motivated them to find you.
    3.  Demonstrates that you understand and commonly help similar problems.
    4.  Gives them an interactive, animated and memorable experience to relate to others.

Subluxation Screen
    1. Demonstrates Loss of Integrity.
    2. Show the Impact on Discs.
    3. Depicts Interference of proper Nerve Function, so Patients can appreciate the subluxation's potential to degrade both short term and long term life quality.
    4. Better than a poster.

Lecture tool
Overview of Chiropractic
    1. Helps you describe in about 5 minutes what makes Chiropractic Unique
    2. Share information about the Nerve System control of the Organs by showing the Autonomic Impact.
    3. Help them appreciate the role of Chiropractic for Optimal Health Performance.
    4. Like a mini slide presentation.

VALUE $897



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