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Easy Chiropractic Solutions
Build your
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Easy Chiropractic Solutions

Explore the many ways we make your
Chiropractic Life Easier
and More Rewarding
Inspire your patients to take action and stay engaged!
Visual Odyssey provides
Time and Doctor Proven Solutions Helping Chiropractic Practices Just Like Yours 
Flourish and Grow!
Visual Odyssey provides
Time and Doctor Proven Solutions Helping Chiropractic Practices Just Like Yours 
Flourish and Grow!
Neuropatholator On Your Computer
Turn all of your computers into Amazing, Patient Inspiring Referral and Retention Generators.
Neuropatholator On Patients' Phones
They’re Always on their Phones. Grab Them By The Eyeballs and Stimulate Understanding.
Neuropatholator On
Your Website
Educate Them Before They Even Come Into the Office and Teach Them How to Use and Share.
You Will Have
More Time and More Patients!
Engaged Patients Pay, Stay and Refer
Watch this 2 minute video and see how the Neuropatholator Starter Software will streamline and punctuate your discussion of how Chiropractic gets to the root cause of the problem.

Want to actually play with a sample of the Neuropatholator Starter for FREE?
Fill out the form to experience the click to inspire future of your practice.

You will love giving us the opportunity to serve you!
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Just add your name & email and get details on making your clinic run more smoothly and profitably!
Easy Chiro Solution #1
For your ROF / Table-Talk / Workshops
Neuropatholator for your ROF
It all started as a wall chart system that hung next to the Xray view box. At the push of a button the patient was instantly engaged in the consequences of their cause. The wallchart Neuropatholator was discontinued in 2011 after a fabulous 35 year run.
It is pushbutton interactive and EASY!
Instantly demonstrate complaint to spine
Simultaneously validate the potential organs that rely on nerve supply
Rivet your patient's attention 
The gold standard in 30+ countries since '76
Now the Neuropatholator is Digital
Much more powerful and comprehensive because it has evolved and improved for 20 years
Hundreds of graphics and animations
Dozens of critical Chiropractic topics
Works alongside your EHR or X-Ray
Multiple languages, techniques and customizable terminology make this your perfect patient education companion.
For Your Lectures Too!
Size Does Matter! When you want to make a powerful presentation at an ROF or lecture use a TV!
Easy Chiro Solution #2
Not just Computers!
For Your Patients Phones
Do you have a cell phone? It can be your next great patient education magnet. You can even project your Neuropatholator mobile content on a TV to make the experience more impactful.
Do your patients have cell phones? Then you can put a Neuropatholator under their thumbs and brand your practice.
You can stream your mobile Neuropatholator onto a large TV for emphasis.
Keep patients engaged when they are out of your office.
Educate for compliance and growth.
Download the Chiropractic
Phone App Now.

Easy Chiro Solution #3
For Your Website!
Neuropatholator on your present website for the surfers among your community.
Don't wait for people to come into your office. Begin enticing and educating them when they visit your website.
Be a Brand in your Community.
Give your website an engaging interactive experience.
Patients will learn to appreciate your unique factor in their health.
Patients find it easier to explain to others.
Patients get instant visual answers.
Just fill out the form to have and enjoy the practice of your dreams. 
Neuropatholator provides so many ways to build your practice through referrals and retention while saving your valuable time!
Stunning Interactive
ROF and Talks
Bullet-proof Compliance
Show and tell your story with Drama
There are thousands of reasons why you should let us help you build your practice, but here's 3 good ones
More valuable pieces to complete your perfect practice puzzle.
It's not just about the ROF, The Neuropatholator and SHO software will infiltrate your patients experience and inspire them.
What you need to succeed.
Neuropatholator - helping Chiropractors since 1976 with crucial time-tested solutions that improve your bottom line yet are easy to implement!
Trusted and recommended by our clients.
Visual Odyssey has been providing and delivering chiropractic offices so much value that docs feel comfortable referring their colleagues.
If you prefer - Please email visualodsy@aol.com or call Bruce at 770-646-8031.
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