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Is this gonna work for me?

What kind of computers can I put it on?
  The Neuropatholator runs on any Windows computer. Touch screens are great but not necessary. We also have a version for Macs and phones.

I want to discuss optimal health through Chiropractic, and
I'm not as interested in emphasizing pain, what do you have for that?

  The Neuropatholtor Software is about so much more than pain. Proper function and experiencing health potential are stressed.

Sometimes I don’t want to use the word subluxation are there options?
  In the preferences screen you can change many visual and language settings, including some alternative terminology. You may also choose: Misalignment, Segmental Dysfunction, or Compromised Neural Integrity.

Sometimes I want to talk about neuropathy, do you have anything for that?
  In our upgraded version we have a great presentation on Neuropathy.

I want to talk about neuroplasticity, and not only nerve pathways related to the subluxation?
  We have a special module that is designed to make a brain-based ROF as it relates to Chiropractic easy for the lay person to understand.

My patients don't all speak English, how do you cover that?
  In the preferences you can change the primary interactive ROF screens to the following languages: English, Spanish, Traditional Spanish, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish, Portuguese, Italian, German, and Mandarin.
The lecture and slide presentations are only in English at this time.

I use nutrition by Standard Process or Solutions 4 or Rain's Seed-Based Nutrition, will this software help me explain that?
  There are special screens to correlate these company's supplements to organ function some are upgrades.

I use CLA, Titronics, ChiroTouch, Platinum, or ChiroSight Imaging software, will the Neuropatholator overlay those screens?
  Yes, we've offered an overlay option that makes the Neuropatholator appear to be part of the other software since 2005.

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