Show Your Patients What’s Going On In Their Bodies ... Instantly!

•Download this special FREE app on your Apple or Android phone or tablet and ...

• Educate your patients on Chiropractic AND the Nutrition that supports the Organs.

When You Use The FREE Patholator App To Show A Patient
How An Adjustment And Nutrition Affect Their Body,
You Create A Deep Emotional Understanding
Of The Benefits Of Your Care!

When Your Patients See It

They Get It!

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Please note: The most recent version (2.4) in the Apple store has an intermittent bug, explained on the app's download page.
If you have version 2.3, the July password is "tone" and we recommend you do not download this new version.

If you still wish to download 2.4, there may be times you will be required to Force Quit the app. (You will not need to uninstall it from your device.) Instructions for Force Qutting are located at the bottom of this page.

We apologize for any inconvenience, an update has been submitted to Apple to replace this version. Please e-mail and we'll let you know as soon as it's available!

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Amazing FREE stuff coming soon.
With Notifications Turned On,
you’ll know as soon as there is an update.

"I think that the Patholator App is really fantastic! It is Life Changing! I had heard of the Neuropatholator Wall Chart before, but I had never gotten one. Because thisApp is free, all chiropractors can afford it. It is very impactful. Many doctors can use it as their primary patient education tool. A picture is worth 1000 words and this hammers home the message. It changes the lives of the doctors who use it and the patients who learn from it. I love the Patholator App!"

Dr. Clark Mendel

"I hope you have long given up on snail mail stamped patient and community newsletters. Stamp fees are getting more expensive while a click on the return button can send over 5000 e-mails to 32 countries weekly. This is the present and future of public relations. How about your iphone or Android? Today the rave is apps or mobile applications. Download my FREE office app at the Apple App Store for the iphone, Just search for Family-Chiro. For Android phones, use Google Play and search for Family Chiropractic Center. Now your patients can view your webpage from their phones, watch educational videos, be in touch via push alerts of your office events, make appointments, send a message and hopefully share it with their friends and family.

Visit: to learn more about these apps by Visual Odyssey."

Dr. Joel Margolies

Powerful Animations, Interactive Graphics and Topics about Chiropractic and Health, ALL Now as close as your fingertips.
So Reach Out and Teach Someone Today!

How to use the Patholator to generate more Realization, Referrals, Retention and Revenue:

Easy to Navigate. Comprehensive and illuminating. Packed with Resources and Scientific information.

1. Walk around the office and you are always ready to explain many topics regarding Chiropractic Care

2. With numerous tablets scattered throughout your office so patients and staff can interact with the powerful Visual Odyssey NeuroPatholator content, you will keep your patients on target.

3. use the ROF’s, Lectures and daily visits.

4. Use Apple TV (around 90$) to send the impactful graphics onto a large TV from your iPad or iPad.

5. Show your phone when you are out of teh office and punctuate a conversation with images and style.

The Patholator will also provide directories of Coaches, Equipment, Supplies, Techniques and Events.

Included is research validating the efficacy of Chiropractic that you won't find anywhere else.


Why do I have to periodically renew my FREE Patholator?

So we can let you know about new changes and updates to the Patholator App and we can also know what content and features you want included, and which one you use regularly.

Can I become a Sponsor of the Patholator?

Yes. Have a product of service for Chiropractors pr patients, you can sponsor modules have us create custom modules for your services, or you can purchase banner ads on the Menus and in the Directory Sections.

Can Visual Odyssey create an App for my business?

Yes. An App is a great way to brand your company, deliver up to the minute news, send push notifications to your clients and develop a nurturing relationship.

Does Visual Odyssey create Apps for Chiropractors?

Absolutely. And we’ve recently improved our platform to enable the Visual Odyssey HealthPatholator to be included in your App along with your bio, Facebook, Twitter and your YouTube content, your location information, turn by turn directions and one touch dialing, and appointment requests.

How do I change the launage or activate Standard Process nutrition options?

On the main menu page, there is a button with a "i" on it that brings up information about the app. On that panel, there is a button labeled "Prefs." There you can change the language, or activate other options for the Nutrition sections of the app.

If you are on the Nutrition Menu and tap the “Videos” button, you can view the videos BUT can’t get back to the App without force quitting it. Sorry! A fix is on the way.

If you’ve been taken to a survey to get your password, and you can’t get back to the app, please force quit the app (Do not uninstall). See instructions below for force quitting the app. After force quitting the app and relaunching the app, when a password is requested, enter the June Password. The June 2013 Password is visual-odyssey.

*** It is not necessary to uninstall the App from your device to get back to the app.

To force quit the app on an iOS device follow these instructions. 1. Tap the home button to get the Home Screen. 2. Double tap the Home button again and you should see the Patholator icon in the lower left hand corner. 3. Touch AND hold the Patholator icon (in the lower left corner) until all icons start to “wiggle.” 4. Press the minus sign “-” in the corner to force quit the app. 5. Relaunch the Patholator App from the screen you installed it on.

Enjoy this revolutionary Patholator App where you get a fabulous tool to educate your patients and also get to learn about some of the leading Patient Health Solutions available.